November 5, 2012

(Part 2)"Deed's Found for William R Rediker"

Image of the original "Deed of trust"

Transcription of the first Deed.


 No all men by these presents that I Wm. Reedaker am justly indebted to A L Fountain  in the some of Twenty five Dollars & fifty cents to J L Felts  in the sum of eighteen Dollars & fifty nine cents to B. M. Smith in the sum of eleven Dollars & twenty four cents to W. J. Gossett in the sum of eleven Dollars & 53 cents to Wesley Sladen in the sum of Five Dollars & 40 cents to Harris Williams in the sum of Twenty Dollars & 30 cents to E L Binkley in the Sum of Seven Dollars the above amount is in judgements on file in the office of B F Binkley Esquire with E J Binkley Security as Mayor now is Secu =re the payment  of the above Debts cost & Interest I convey in trust to H R Binkley as trustee for the ben= =ifit of the security one tract of Sixty five acres of land on which I now live on the waters of Blue Spring Branch in 2nd District of Cheatham Coun= =ty Tennessee & boundered by the land of Alx Lowe David Mosier & others the Same conveyed by  
H. H= Binkley to me the boundres we refer to the Deed made by Binkley to me now at the expiration of the Stay Should the Debts remain due & unpaid then the trustee may advertise ten days & Sell the land to the highest Bidder for Cash without Redemption in law or equity to satisfy the above named Debts with all cost & interest that may accrue thereon but Should I pay the above Debts then this to bee nul & void otherwise to remain in full force & verlure in testimony I have set my hand & seal the date above writen if the land Brings more than the Debts cost & interest the over plus to be paid to Reedaker
witnesses J H Binkley                                                                                        William Reedaker
B F Binkley
State of Tennessee
Cheatham County     Personaly appeared before me Willie W Williams Clerk of the county court of Said County J H Binkley & B F Binkley subsere being witnesses to the above Deed of trust and after being duly Sworned dispose and say that they are personaly acquainted with Wm. Redaker bargainer to the within Deed and that he signed and acknowledged the same in their presence on the day it bears date to be his act & Deed for the purposses therein confirmed witness my hand at office this the 2nd of Aprile 1860
                                                                                                                                      WWWiliams Clerk
                 This transcription was conducted by me, Ezri J. Rediker. I diligently attempted to transcribe this "Deed of trust" without making grammar, capitalization, or any other corrections. This transcription is as close as I could cipher the text from the original document. 

Source: Register of Deeds Office, Cheatham, Tennessee, USA; DEED BOOK (A), PAGE (580).     
Further noting that I, Ezri J. Rediker personally collected this record from aforesaid office on 29 Oct 2012.

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