August 1, 2012

A Fishermen's luck

"My Father; Jack Burton Rediker, told me a story about his Great Grandmother Lucretia Jane (Henderson) Reeder.  My Dad say's he had left out one morning goin fishing on Sycamore Creek."Mammy was stoking the fireplace and said", "where ya off to Jack". His response was, "gone to catch me a mess of fish". She replied, " bring em back and we'll fix em up now". Later that day, he returned empty handed and disappointed he didn't have any fish to bring her. She asked him, "where's that of mess fish we were gonna eat, while rocking in her chair, puffing her corn-cob pipe. He embarrassingly told her, " didn't even get a bite Mammy", She responded, "That's about a fisherman's luck, a wet ass and a hungry gut."
                                     Lucretia Jane (Henderson) Reeder, "Mammy"