October 30, 2012

(Part 1)"Deed's Found for William R Rediker"

                      On 29 Oct 2012, I went to the Deed's office in Cheatham County, Tennessee, USA. The records I was most interested in were for, William R Rediker, he was my (paternal) 2x Great Grandfather. I located many good records in all, and a substantial amount of records for my person of interest. 
                      First thing I did was ask the lady in the deed's office where I could review the Grantor's and Grantee's Indexes from 1856 to 1880. She led me to a desk, retrieved the indexes in question. She asked, "What people are you searching for." I said, "mainly Rediker's, Binkley's, Barnes's, Newman's, Darrow's, & Bennett's, as well as a few others."
She then said, "Well, I'll let you get to it then." 
                               Deed Book A, Cheatham County, Tennessee, 1856-1860

                        I then opened the index of deeds book to the (R) section and immediately saw one of the names I was looking for.

What an awesome day, coming soon (Part 2) Deed's that correspond to this Index...

Special thank's to Cheatham County, Register of Deed's Office and the Staff therein, for their kind and courteous disposition. True Southern Classy folks.