October 18, 2012

"James Dwight Rediker, passed 18 Oct 1993"

                      My Sister Teddie and her Husband Bobby, came into the restaurant where my Dad and I were eating dinner at around 7:00 PM. She informed us that Uncle Dwight had passed away. My Uncle Dwight had been driving his Semi-Truck cross-country for a few years, accompanied by my Aunt Linda.
 The story of his passing was hard for everyone to bear as he was so young, only 48 years young.
                      Uncle Dwight and Aunt Linda were in  Umatilla, Oregon, USA when he passed away. The information that I heard was that he pulled to the side of the road and told my Aunt Linda to call 911, and that was his final words. I'm not sure if this was all he said, everything was secondhand information at the time. I loved my Uncle Dwight and wish he were still with us today.

Oregon Death Index, James Dwight Rediker 18 Oct 1993

Name: James Dwight Rediker
Age: 48
Birth Date: 26 Oct 1944
Death Date: 18 Oct 1993
Death Place: Umatilla
Spouse: Linda F (Carson) Rediker
Certificate: 93-22620

Birth: 26 Oct 1944 

Survived by, Linda, Karen Elaine, Pennie Rose, & many more. Go rest high on that Mountain,
 "James Dwight Rediker" your work on Earth is through.

Name: James D. Rediker
SSN:   449-82-9060
Born: 26 Oct 1944
Died: 18 Oct 1993
State (Year) SSN issued: Texas (1964)
Source Citation: Number: 449-82-9060; Issue State: Texas; Issue Date: 1964.