September 11, 2012

"We Will Never Forget"

Do you remember?
                    I, Ezri J. Rediker was working in (Davidson County) Belle Meade, Tennessee. While grading a yard and tossing grass seeds, then throwing hay down I was listening to the local radio morning show. They came on the radio with a story about a small engine plane colliding with one of the twin towers in New York City. They carried on about what kind of idiot couldn't see something of that size.
                    In an instant the mood took a grave turn when the news arrived of the second plane colliding on the adjacent tower. I couldn't believe that someone would purposely fly two planes into our twin towers.
It wasn't long before the news of other missing planes and the fact that these were indeed commercial flight and not small planes.
I was in utter shock as I listened to this chaos unfold, their wasn't anyone near me and all I could think about was are we under an attack of some kind.
When the news came that the Pentagon was hit, there wasn't any denial or uncertainty that anyone could suggest. The State of Tennessee issued an advisory that certain roads would be closing until further notice. At that point I loaded up my tools and materials and made my way home. Traffic was awful and no-one was being rude, which is not common place in busy "Nashville" traffic. When the news came about Flight 93 crashing down in Pennsylvania it was heart breaking to say the least. I knew they had sacrificed their lives to protect America.
I look back now and see that all of the pain that was caused by the heretics was a terrible and unwarranted act of hate. They weren't pushing an agenda, they were pushing violent propaganda. 11 September 2001 will always be a day that will be apart of my history; therefore, it will always be apart of the Rediker History.
On behalf of myself and the rest of the Rediker Family, "We Will Never Forget_ 9.11.2001_."