August 23, 2012

"My Quest for Photographs"

                      Around two weeks ago My oldest brother "Jackie Allen Rediker (Sr.)" permitted me to scan and have full rights to around 200 rare photos of the "Rediker Family." I worked tirelessly on these photos as they were not in the greatest shape. He(Jackie) informed me that these pictures had been his Mother's, who was ("Patricia Faye Lannom") my Father's ("Jack Burton Rediker") first wife. The pictures were glued on old photo-album paper and taped with duct-tape on the corners. I'm not complaining, I was and I still am very happy to receive them, regardless of their condition.
                      I began extracting the photos one by one wearing latex gloves and utilizing a scalpel to cut the glue from the album paper slowly and methodically scanning and cleaning with a dry electronic screen cleaner (I find that the pictures will not scratch if I do this). After this I transferred them into a new photo-album. This entire process took around 13 hours all together. I took the pictures back to Jacky in the new photo-album and he asked, "how many were you able to save." Of which I replied, "all of them." I believe he was elated to say the least, as he'd had reservations about them ever leaving his possession in the first place. Well this is the point where I'm going to give the premiere glimpse of these photos, I hope y'all enjoy.

James Dwight REDIKER and Penny REDIKER

Patricia Faye LANNOM and Jack Burton REDIKER

James Dwight REDIKER ,Linda CARSON, Clara Lee BARNES, Robert Frank BARNES Jr., Linda Sue CARNEY
Linda Sue CARNEY

Jacky Allen and Teddy Lee REDIKER