August 4, 2012

James Dwight Rediker

James Dwight Rediker, "Uncle Dwight" was the youngest of my Grandmother Clara's sons. Uncle Dwight was a great man, as he always had the best personality. He and Aunt Linda drove a Big Rig cross country as a profession. One year in particular they came down to Okeechobee, Fla., where my Dad and I still resided at the time. I wasn't very old, so the year had to be around 1984 and may be the first memory I remember of him. I recall looking up into that truck and it seemed huge. Uncle Dwight said to me, " You ever rode in one of these," I shook my head no. He made a gesture with his hand for me to climb up. I got into the cab where I heard that grumble of the motor, it appeared to me as if we were going to blast off into space with all the knobs and buttons he was operating.
            We lurched forward and began our voyage. Uncle Dwight say's to me, "You smoke." I trying be be cool I guess shook my head yes. Uncle Dwight handed me an unlit cigar and said, "Have at it." Then he asked, "You want to go get some beer," I shook my head yes again. Uncle Dwight grinning like hell then asked, "You ever seen a naked woman," I shook my head yes. He said okay here's a piece of paper and a pen, draw me a naked woman. I drew a stick figure with feature's that could've resembled the female anatomy.
             This entire trip probably lasted five minute's but to me it seemed to have been a long time. We pull up to where my Dad and everyone else was waiting. Uncle Dwight comes out of the truck smiling and say's "Jack, what the heck are you teaching this boy, he was smoking cigar's, wanted me to stop and get him some beer, while drawing this dirty picture of a naked woman."
              I remember many other times with Uncle Dwight, Aunt Linda, Cousin Penny, and Cousin Karen. This one seemed to stand out as first impressions, especially funny ones stand out more.